The Stats Are In!

he Australian Bureau of Statistics has released results relating to marriage and divorce for heterosexual couples and same-sex relationships for 2018.

Who is getting married, and how old are they?

Superannuation Splitting Legislation for De Facto Couples in WA – finally!

On 27 November 2019, the Federal Parliament introduced a Bill to finally allow separated Western Australia-based de facto couples to transfer superannuation entitlements between them for the purpose of property settlement.

Christmas and Family Law.

Christmas is a time that is meant to be spent with loved ones and friends. It is supposed to be a time of peace to all, and fun and rest. For many it is a special time of year.

Dividing Property on Separation

What happens if people can’t agree on how to divide property when they separate?

If it isn’t possible to agree on how to divide property when you separate, then it may be necessary to seek advice from a lawyer about how to achieve a positive outcome.

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