Is the grass looking greener on the other side

19 January, 2021

If you are planning on separating from your spouse or partner then there are definitely ways you can make your transition to the next stage of your life a lot easier.

Our top 5 tips for pre-separation planning include:

  • Where is your income coming from? Separation can be financially stressful, but with the right forward planning, you can make sure you have an adequate income stream from employment, government benefits, or other sources to tide you over until things are finalised. Maybe now is the time to start re-training? In cases where your partner or spouse is the income earner, don’t worry – we can help you to attempt to secure regular spousal maintenance payments either by negotiation or Court order if necessary.
  • Getting your finances in order: make sure you have access to copies of documents that relate to your assets including all bank statements, credit card statements, mortgage documents, share portfolio documents and superannuation statement. If possible we need information in relation to you and your partner or spouse. Dimond Family lawyers can help you collate the necessary documentation to establish exactly what needs to be divided and what each party is entitled to retain.
  • What about the Children? Parents generally know best what will work for their children. If you can come to a mutual agreement about where your children will live and spend time then that is the easiest option. Otherwise, Dimond Family Lawyers can help you create an agreed parenting plan, or if necessary, seek Orders through the Family Court.
  • Emotional Support: sometimes separation can affect who your friends are, and it is important you have the right people around you during this time. Make sure you work out who your real friends are, seek psychological or counselling support if needed, and of course, make sure your family are well informed so they are available to assist if necessary.
  • What do you want to do next? Even though separation can be daunting, change can also be positive! Start to think about what your life may look like without the stress of your current relationship, and what you may be able to achieve. There is a world of opportunity out there with regard to new relationships, careers, and lifestyle.

Dimond Family Lawyers are here to provide you with practical advice and the necessary support to help you move into the next stage of your life in the best way possible.

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