Breast Feeding and Tattoos

19 January, 2021

Thinking about getting a tattoo whilst breastfeeding?

In 2015, the Full Court of the Family Court overturned a judgment where the Father was successful in preventing the mother from breastfeeding their child due to the risk of contracting diseases from the mother’s breastmilk from her tattoo a month earlier.

The Full Court balanced the risks of disease with the benefit to the child of being breastfed and commented that the health risk was considered low, especially where the tattoo parlour took appropriate sterilising measures.
On the basis of this decision, it is unlikely a parent would be successful in seeking an order to restrain a mother from breastfeeding their child after having a tattoo in a licenced Australian tattoo parlour. Keep in mind that the Court’s approach may be completely different if the Australian tattoo parlour is unlicensed or if the tattoo was completed overseas.

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