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Initial Consultations
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How Do I Get the Most Out of My Initial Appointment?

When you meet with one of our Divorce Lawyers it is important that you provide us with as much information as possible so that we can work to make sure you get the most value out of your appointment.

For financial matters, one of the first things we will discuss is what the various assets and loans are in your relationship, including those registered in either joint names, or in the sole names of either spouse.

If you require advice about spousal maintenance, then it is important to have some idea what both yours and your ex-partner’s weekly income and expenses are.

For parenting matters, we will often discuss information about previous parenting arrangements, child support and matters that related to risk and/or family violence.

The types of documents and/or information that can be useful to provide (by email) in advance might include (but not not limited to):

  • estimated values of any property in which you or your ex-partner/spouse have an interest, either in your own sole names or in joint names;
  • estimated values of shares or investments in either party’s name;
  • current bank balances of all bank accounts held jointly or in either partner’s name; Second-hand values of motor vehicles owned by each partner;
  • most recent superannuation statement or, where relevant, financial statement for self-managed superannuation funds;
  • copies of mortgages or personal loans held jointly or in either partner’s name;
  • balances of any outstanding credit card debts held jointly or in either partner’s name;
  • balances of any outstanding tax liabilities in either partner’s name;
  • copies of any current Child Support Agency (CSA) Assessment.
  • any other relevant documentation or information.

And where relevant:

 a)     a copy of your Marriage Certificate;

 b)     copies of any court documentation from other Courts, such as Restraining Orders etc.

 c)     birth Certificates of any children (if they are the children of a de facto relationship only). ​​​​

 What to Do Next?

We understand that coming to see a family lawyer is a big step that involves a degree of uncertainty.

We aim to provide our clients with support and sound advice to enable them to move on and make good decisions.

Whether you have recently separated, or simply experiencing some indecision about your current circumstances, an initial consultation with Dimond Family Lawyers will provide you with the information to make an informed choice about your next step, whether it be in relation to financial matters, parenting matters, child support, spousal maintenance, relocation or any of the other family law matter.

Call us now to make an initial Fixed Fee appointment on  9443 1111.

We offer a fixed fee for an initial 1 hour interview. Only $250 + gst*

* If a client agrees for a consultation to extend beyond the initial period of one hour (i.e., for particularly complex matters), the extra time will be charged in accordance with the hourly rate of the consulting solicitor.

Dimond Family Lawyers is a streamlined business with a focus on digital workflows and communication.

Conducting initial consultations online is simple and effective due to the inexpensive and easy-to-use video conferencing tools which are readily available, at no (or very limited) cost.

We can meet with you in the comfort of your own home using “Zoom” or via telephone call if you would prefer.

For more information and to familiarise yourself with this easy to use product, please click on the following link:

Scheduling a Meeting via Zoom

Once we identify you intend using Zoom for your initial consultation, a link and Meeting ID will be provided to you in our initial consultation confirmation letter, which will include instructions about how to attend your Zoom meeting.

To continue our strict compliance with identification checking procedures, we will ask you to supply photo identification in advance, via email.

You will be asked to make upfront payment before your meeting commences and provide us with your transfer receipt.

You can attend a Zoom meeting with us:

  • via Laptop or Tablet by clicking on the link provided to you; or
  • on your mobile phone, by downloading the Zoom Application and then entering the Meeting ID we provide to you in our confirmation letter.

We suggest you log in to Zoom and join the meeting 5 minutes prior to the commencement time.

You will be placed in a virtual “waiting room” until the consulting solicitor commences your meeting.

Consultation via Telephone

Whilst we understand not everybody is comfortable with attending via video call, we of course still invite consultations via telephone should this be more convenient to you.

Call us now for free 15-minute telephone consultation, or to book a 1-hour telephone or video conference consultation for a fixed fee of $275 (incl. GST).

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