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We understand that the lead up to Christmas can be a stressful time for families and causes certain couples to realise that they are ready to move on from their current relationship. Speaking to an experienced family lawyer at the beginning of this journey can help save a lot of time, money and stress.

Dimond Family Lawyers are offering a reduced initial consultation during the months of November and December to give people the opportunity to access quality legal advice that they may not have normally sought out.

Book your meeting with an experienced Family Lawyer at Dimond Family Lawyers within the month of November and December and your Initial Consultation of $275 will be reduced to $110.

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Dimond Family Lawyers was first established in 2000, and has been practising solely in the field of Family Law ever since.  We are based in Mount Hawthorn, amongst a vibrant cafe strip with easy access to free 3 hour parking. 

At Dimond Family Lawyers, we take pride in providing practical, tailored legal advice to your particular situation; we understand that no two situations are ever the same.

Whether you are considering separating, are in the process of separating, or whether your partner has already made the decision for you, Dimond Family Lawyers are here to create a tailored plan and strategy to progress your matter to a final resolution. 

Dimond Family Lawyers recognises that a relationship breakdown is a stressful time for all parties, including children and extended families. Our professional team can help you progress from a position of vulnerability and indecision to a place of certainty and forward-thinking.

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