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At Dimond Family Lawyers our sole purpose is to help you achieve a successful outcome.

Sometimes the most effective approach to a Family Law dispute can be quite different to what you might expect.

As Divorce Lawyers we recognise the issues surrounding separation and divorce are complex and no two situations are identical. At Dimond Family Lawyers our team of family & divorce law experts are very experienced and highly skilled at helping people through the complexities of separation, divorce and other legal family issues. Whether you are only thinking of separating, have already parted, or whether your partner has made the decision for you, we are here to help you.

We know a relationship breakdown is a stressful time for all parties, including any children and extended families. Our professional, caring and friendly team will help you progress from a position of vulnerability and indecision, to one of certainty and forward positive thinking.In an age where separation and divorce are common, it is not unusual to find advice is being easily and authoratively offered by those around you.

It is a time when emotions can cloud one’s judgement and therefore it is important you obtain the correct legal advice from a qualified and experienced Divorce Lawyer.

In many cases the intervention by an experienced family lawyer through mediation and conciliation can lead to a successful outcome for all,  thereby avoiding costly protracted court hearings.Our sole purpose is to help people achieve a successful functional outcome in the shortest possible time.

Call us today and let us help you change tomorrow.  Call us on: 9443 1111.

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