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Sometimes the most effective approach to a Family Law dispute can be quite different to what you might expect; emotions can cloud your judgement. If you are currently going through separation (or anticipate separating in the near future), it is important to secure accurate, up-to-date legal advice from a qualified and experienced Divorce Lawyer.

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Practical Advice in Family Law

We recognise that the issues surrounding separation and divorce are complex - no two situations are the same. At Dimond Family Lawyers our team of family and divorce law experts have years of experience helping to navigate our clients through the complexities of separation, divorce and other legal family issues.

Whether you are only considerating separation, have already separated, or if your partner has already made the decision for you, we are here to help you.

A relationship breakdown is a stressful time for all concerned - including children and extended families.

Our professional, caring and friendly team will help you progress from a position of indecision, uncertainty and/or vulnerability, to one of certainty and forward thinking. 

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In many cases the involvement of an experienced family lawyer during the early stages of negotiations - and particuarly prior to mediation  based discussions - can result in a more successful outcome, whilst also avoiding costly, stressful and protracted litigation. Our aim is to help you achieve a successful and functional outcome in the shortest possible time.

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